I am a photographer who specializes in capturing the most important moments of your wedding with a creative and unobtrusive approach.

The couples I have the honor of working with are on a search for something different: not only do they want beautiful pictures of their day, but they want a visual record of the pure joy and happiness that comes along with a wedding.  I feel like it’s the closest thing to being able to bottle happiness.  It’s in these candids where you look your most natural and most relaxed.  Anyone can take an interesting picture.  I believe the real art is in being able to catch the images in which you are looking your most relaxed.  That is most essential for telling the story of your day.

I take the approach of storyteller with my photography because of the many years I spent as a designer for theatre and television in New York City.  But the ability to work with real people to capture and preserve their most cherished moments through photography is something that never gets old for me.  Not one day goes by where I’m not happy I made the switch.